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Yoga Ultimate – Prenetal Yoga-pregnancy exercise

Today we are going to explore a subject as delicate as important: yoga during pregnancy.

If you are on this page and are pregnant, you will surely have already heard that the practice can help you enormously during the prenatal period. It can make you live better this phase. It can let you know more deeply your emotions and your body, and finally it can make you get to labor with greater confidence in yourself.

Practicing prenatal yoga

First of all, let’s see one by one all the reasons why practicing yoga during the prenatal period is good.

  • Increased strength: naturally, as you go along with pregnancy. The weight to bear is always greater and no woman is used to this sudden load. If in the first few months the difference is not felt too much, with the passing of time the legs are more and more tired and the first back pains arise. Especially in the lumbar area. Thanks to yoga you can work by strengthening all areas of the body. That can help you to better support the fetus, such as the legs. And all the muscles of the lower back that are essential to balance the weight shift.
  • Increase of balance: a direct consequence of the strengthening of these areas is an increase in balance that is essential to continue your daily life in the best way.
  • Muscle tensions and pains disappear: the body, not being accustomed to this phase, reacts in its own way and unfortunately many pains begin to be felt, especially in the back, neck, shoulders and hips. Thanks to the strengthening of many muscles and the relaxing breathing of yoga. Many of these tensions can be alleviated or even completely disappeared.
  • Stress and worry are reduced: it is quite normal that during this period you are stressed and slightly worried. In part all this is also due to the greater amount of hormones circulating in the blood. Yogic breathing in this case can help enormously to calm you down. Reduce stress and even all the prenatal concerns.

Prenetal Yoga help to improve of the cardio-circulatory system:

many of the disorders that affect women during pregnancy are due to the fact that suddenly both the circulatory system and the respiratory system must work twice as long. To mitigate all these disorders, we can resort to the conscious and deep breathing of yoga. Thanks to which both systems are stimulated and work more efficiently.

·     Strengthening the spine: one of the structures most affected during pregnancy is definitely the backbone and often back pain is felt. Yoga is a healthy touch to the pains along the spine and thanks to specific positions. You can strengthen the back muscles to effectively counter the weight of the stomach.

Prenetal Yoga help to improve of the digestive system:

often during the first phase of the gestation is the so annoying nausea, while in the second, normally this gives way to constipation. Again, yoga can greatly help future mothers with the reduction of these symptoms. Finally it is also a way to start being slightly more spiritual and feel part of something bigger. You are going to marvel at the bigger picture of this life-changing experience.

A safe yoga practice while expecting:  Yoga Ultimate share some extra tips

In this section we will give you advice to practice with confidence depending on the period of pregnancy in which you are.

Pregnancy exercise during first trimester

In this period the embryo is forming, more hormones begin to circulate and often also occurs in the nausea. The precautions to be taken during this phase are as follows:

·     Avoid positions on which you can easily fall, such as those that require a good dose of balance, those on the hands or on the head.

·     Avoid jumps between one asana and the other.

·     Better to avoid too intense twists, but go for it in a gentle and sweet way

This period is very delicate, so if you have never done yoga, start practicing with a qualified teacher and before doing so talk to a doctor to give you further recommendations. If you have already been practicing for some time. You can very well continue your practice by making changes to make it lighter. However, talk to your teacher to know what positions to avoid. And what are the variations of asanas to be taken depending on the period in which you are.

Pregnancy exercise during second trimester

For the second quarter the previous advice is still valid only that at this stage you should focus mainly on the back, as the weight begins to be felt. Absolutely avoid positions where you are lying on your stomach and, if they are annoying, even those lying on your back. In this second case, variations can be made by placing cushions or bolster under the upper part of the back. Any position you take is important that you do it with awareness and always thinking about leaving room for your stomach. So that it does not create pressure on your stomach. If many standing positions are recommended in the first trimester, in the second and third sessions. It is better to focus on breathing and meditation so as to reduce the fatigue that standing positions may cause.

Pregnancy exercise during third trimester

At this stage, most women begin to worry about childbirth and often sleep is disturbed. In this phase, in addition to taking into account previous advice, one should work above all on breathing and relaxation positions. Postpartum display exercises coupled with conscious and deep breathing can also be very useful. Absolutely avoid:

·     Inversions

·     Twists

Our advice is to be followed by a qualified teacher so that he can advise you and observe you while you are practicing. If you cannot always go to class, then ask for advice. On the best type of practice for you and what positions you can do at home. Of course remember to always be gentle and caring to yourself. Listening to your body and respecting it. Before heading into yoga practice while pregnant always consult your doctor. Especially if you are experiencing some troubles or you are in a delicate condition

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