Yoga practice how to start your yoga journey

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How to start your yoga practice.

If you decided to give yoga a try you need to know that this type of journey needs love, dedication and, most of all, patience. You need  in yoga practice to take baby steps at the very beginning. In order to let your body get used to the rhythm, to the breath. This is new kind of approach more focused on the self. Don’t get frustrated and don’t think about performing that beautiful asana you just saw on your Instagram in two seconds.

Your yoga journey

You need to understand that the most precious things in yoga practice is the process itself. It is the path you are going to walk to get to the goal you have prefixed in your mind. Try to give your body a chance to be more present and start to listen to all your body parts. In adition to understand what it is really going on . If you find some tension or some pain, you will learn how to release it and to recover from all this. Take your time and start enrolling to a course to a studio nearby or simply start your yoga journey with one of the several online courses you can easily find on the web.

10 minutes yoga every day

The most important thing is to dedicate to yoga at least 10 minutes of your day, every day .Don’t rush things. Embrace where you are at that particular moment. Learn to listen to yourself and understand that we all need to start somewhere. Take your time, be gentle and caring and try to perform the asana with a pain-free attitude. Do not force yourself and be frustrated, instead of thinking about what you can’t do, be thankful for what your body can do. Once you got this, finally your yoga journey is ready to start properly, with the right attitude and the right vibes.

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