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Yoga as a Stress-Buster for Nurses

Yoga into your daily routine

A nurse’s job is defined by lengthy working duties, tremendous physical labor and energy, and agonizing mental stress that arises because of the death of a patient. Nurses need to look after their patients very closely and tend to all sorts of their medical and sanitary needs. Unfortunately, they tend to overlook their own physical and mental health in the process.

Yoga as a Stress-Buster for Nurses

The stress faced by an average nurse on an average day is sky-rocketing. This stress needs to be addressed before it starts to affect the personal as well as the professional lives of nurses. A stress-free nurse can do her job way better than one who has to constantly worry about one thing or the other.

The stress level of nurses

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One of the ways to help reduce the stress level of nurses is to incorporate yoga into their daily routine. Yoga has numerous physical as well as mental benefits that can prevent burnout among st nurses.

Here are some of the physical benefits of incorporating yoga into your daily routine:
• Improved respiration, which leads to better oxygenation of the tissues in the body. This, in turn, leads to lower levels of tiredness and fatigue.

• The quality of sleep improves.

Performing yoga can greatly alter your sleeping patterns in a healthy way. You’ll face less trouble sleeping and the quality of your sleep will become better so that in the limited time that you do get to sleep, you make the best out of it and completely refresh your mind and body.
• The tension in your muscles decreases after performing yoga on a daily basis, which can physically relax you

• Your immune system becomes stronger. This is particularly beneficial for nurses since they are exposed to sick patients every day at work. Your chances of fighting off bacteria and viruses considerably improve and you get sick less often.

• Immense cardiovascular benefits. Your heart rate, blood pressure and blood circulation become improved. This can protect them from the harmful effects of stress on the heart as well.

•Your spine can be affected by sitting or standing for too long. Performing yoga on a regular basis can help prevent this problem from ever arising.

Physical health benefits

yoga keep hormones and neurotransmitters under check

These are just some of the numerous physical health benefits on the body. All of them contribute to lowering the stress faced by the body, one way or the other. Not only this, but yoga has considerable mental health benefits as well, which are listed below.
• It keeps your hormones and neurotransmitters under check so that they’re neither oversecreted nor under-secreted. This helps reduce your stress levels as some hormones can induce stress responses in the body.

• Performing yoga promotes self-care and self-love. Nurses are more likely to take care of themselves if they perform yoga on a regular basis.

• Enhances concentration and memory by achieving clarity of the mind. This results in better patient care a higher state of alertness.

So, what are you waiting for? Start incorporating yoga into your daily routine from today and watch your stress fade away!

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