Top 3 Pilates Moves for Back Pain

Life can be a real pain sometimes- why suffer any more if you have back pain? You can take action against the threat of back pain today. Pilates exercise will help prevent and treat back pain from occurring.

Pilates is effective for back pain because it strengthens the core muscles. These are the muscles of the abdominals, hips, and lower back. When these muscles work properly together, they help stabilize the spine which decreases pain.

Here we’ll show you our top 3 Pilates moves for back pain.

1. Tabletop Leg Lifts-first move for back pain

Lie on your back with your legs in a tabletop position. The spine is in neutral, which means no tuck or arch in the lower back. Press the shoulders, arms, hips into the floor and engage the core by drawing the navel to the spine. On an inhalation, slowly lower the right toes to the floor and on the exhalation, slowly lift the leg back up to the tabletop position. Repeat on the other side.

As you perform this exercise, make sure the lower back does not move at all. If it does, make the movement smaller until you can control it. Once you can do both sides, try squeezing the legs together and lifting them down and up as a single unit.

Do 4 reps for every variation.

2. Spine Extension-second move for back pain

This exercise will strengthen your spine extensors. Lie on your belly with your hands stacked on top of each other, forehead on your hands. Press the tops of your feet into the floor and lift your navel away from the mat to engage your core. On an exhale, lift the top half of your body (arms, hands, head, and chest) while the feet stay glued to the floor. Lower down on an inhale slowly, lengthening the body to the floor. Repeat 6 times.

3. Shoulder Bridge-third move for back pain

Here we will target the back muscles, core, and hips. Lie on your back with your feet hip distance in a parallel position. On an inhale, curl the spine off the mat, lifting the hips up. Pull the belly muscles downward and gently squeeze your glutes at the top. As you exhale, peel the spine back down sequentially, feeling each vertebra come down into the mat one-by-one. Repeat 4 times and hold the last one for 5 breaths.

Try incorporating these into your next workout to prevent or treat or back pain and let us know how it goes!

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