Yoga and meditation why to start your journey

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A little Yoga Ultimate guide towards the best version of yourself

Why yoga?

This is the first question that shows up when someone is still a little bit skeptical about yoga and meditation. We got this. There is a lot of misconception regarding these disciplines and this is still something we all need to work on.

What people think about yoga and meditation?

Some people think yoga is a workout, some other things meditation is to simply take a seat and close your eyes. Some other people think you have to be flexible and skinny in order to perform the yoga asanas.

Why meditation? 

So, as you may see, there is a lot of confusion about it. Let’s clear things a little bit. Yoga is a very versatile discipline and it can be a way to tone your body but it’s not only that.  Basically yoga is the perfect mixture of movement, breathe and mental approach. You just can’t separate all these sides. Well, you can, but you won’t get any benefits if you don’t start to consider the bigger picture. Yoga is for everyone who needs it. Yoga is a tool and you only have to believe in the process and in the discipline in order to start using it properly.

But why you need yoga and meditation to love your life?  Because, as our daily life is so full of stress, anxiety, crazy schedules and deadlines, we are starting to lose control. We are simply shutting down ourselves every day a little bit more and we are more focused on how to do things and how to look perfect during our meetings or our relationship, that we are forgetting to listen to ourselves and to discover how we really feel. So, these two amazing tools are there to help us find our balance, our conscious happiness and, of course, the best version of ourselves, with a healthier body and healthier mind.

Yoga tip for beginner