Exercises Yoga Pilates Will Change Your Body in Just Four Weeks

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How often do you exercise?

Eating well won’t do the trick by itself, also you need to be more active. Introduce healthy yoga pilates style to your day to day routine, and you will soon appear and feel better.We offer you 5 fantastic exercises, which means you should add them to your fitness regimen. You can look far better within a month.

Pilates Planks: will be the ultimate yoga pilates exercise as it pertains to carving your abdominal muscles. Do the standard push up, but maintain the body in a straight position and support your weight on your elbows and toes. Stay in this position for so much time as you can.


Pilates squats: keep your legs shoulder-width apart. Stretch your arms frontward. Bend your knees, and bring your sides forward. Lower your body, and bring your thighs in a parallel line with the ground.  Keep your backside straight.

Press your feet against the ground, and bring your back to the original position. In pilates squats are excellent for your core and promote the active fat-burning process. Do these to develop strong hams, quads, and calves.


Bird-dog: do the plank, and support the weight on your legs and hands. Stretch your right arm and left leg and gain a body balance. Remain in this position for a couple of seconds, bring the body into the original position and change sides.  With yoga pilates Bird-dog style move to develop your core and lower back.

bird dog

Lying hip raises: lie on the floor, and flex your knees. Maintain a level feet on the yoga exercise mat. Stretch your arms, squash the glutes, and raise your hips.Bring your body to the original position, and perform few more repetitions. This move will help you strengthen your abdominal muscles, thighs, glutes, and hamstrings.

Push-up: do the plank, and support your body weight on your hands and feet. Maintain your hands and body in a straight position.  Most benefits of yoga pilates Pushups make to  works every muscle in your body.

push ups
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