Outdoors yoga practice boost confidence-Increase skills

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Why you should perform yoga outdoors?

One major advantage of Yoga over other activities is how low maintenance it is! Yoga can be practised in a secluded corner indoors or outdoors. Near a lake, in a park or at the beach. Lakes and beaches have the appeal of being close to a natural environment, which can greatly boost your outlook as you meditate. Following are the benefits of practising Yoga outdoors:

Increased Proprioception Skills

Proprioception is the ability of the body to be aware of its surroundings without visual stimulation. It allows the body to be oriented in relation to its surroundings. When you meditate outdoors, even with your eyes closed, you are aware of each movement and sound around you. When you increase your focus on meditation and focusing on your body rather than your environment. You are inadvertly polishing your proprioception skills. A point will come when you will master your skill, and you will be able to zone in on your meditation despite being outdoors.

Increased skill for balance

When you perform yoga outdoors, you can focus on a lot of objects while performing asanas, and watch them move as you stay put in one asana. Staring at walls or a clock while performing yoga at home can be boring. With your mind being diverted within 1 minute. When outside, you can focus on a tree, a swing, an animal or a wave if you’re performing yoga near a beach. This will not let your mind wander and you’ll be able to maintain your asana for a longer period of time.

Enjoy the beauty of nature when practice yoga outdoors

Staying outdoors even for a little while can really give you a boost. You can bask in the sunshine, smell the freshness of earth and the trees. Sitting in a park in spring is a visual treat. Any change in environment for a short period of time releases endorphins, which promote positivity and a positive outlook on life.

Preform yoga outdoors boosting confidence

When you’re outdoors, you really aren’t the only one in your immediate radius. There are other people milling about, and while it may make some people nervous about practising asanas in public. With time however, you’ll be able to perform yoga in a public environment. So even if you fall you can get back up and start over again! Others may also be inspired by your dedication, or better yet join you as you perform asanas. The more the merrier

So if you feel you’re stuck in a rut with your yoga practise or tend to get bored, make an effort and practise yoga in a park or at the oceanfront. It’ll be a change of view and you might actually look forward to your day!

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