Great yoga pose for back pain-cobra pose

cobra pose yoga

Backache issues, try this yoga pose:

Have you ever experienced backache issues? Or felt uncomfortable in sitting for a more extended period? Are you tired of taking medicines and still having that painful ache? Worry not; I am sharing with you some tried and tested therapy (the yoga therapy) to relieve the pain. Yoga works like a magic wand in soothing the pain and comforting your back muscles.

Following yoga poses will help you out, and you will remember me in kind words for sure! Here we go.

The cobra yoga pose

The comprehensive benefits of cobra pose reduce neck and back pain, control stress, anxiety, soothe sciatic pain, etc. Try this and heal your pain in a calm way.

The spine twist yoga pose

The twist pose is beneficial for the movement of the back muscle. The change in breathing pattern with the twist will give you a sense of relaxation.

spine twist yoga
spine twist

Knees to chest yoga pose

A vintage yoga posture gives you curative benefits through twisting the knees to chest. It is used as an alleviating counter pose to back spinal twists. It is beneficial in comforting your mind and relieving the stress as well.

Knees to chest yoga pose
Knees to chest pose

The bow yoga pose

This is an energetic yoga pose for strengthening the back muscles. By lying on your chest and holding your heels with your hands and twisting your body making a full bow, you can heal your pain. Gentle stretching can give you relaxed muscles and help you in comforting your back pain.

bow pose

There are a lot more poses to soothe the back muscles; I have shared some of them with you. I assure you that you will feel relaxed by just applying these poses in your daily routine. So don’t forget to do them. Keep your spine healthy because “Healthy spine gives you wealthy life.”

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