Meditate the Stress Away-Mindfulness Meditation

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Meditate the Stress Away Did you know that stress is known as the silent killer? It’s time to give it a voice and let it go. There’s no need to hide it- bring out the dragon and slay it with the power of your mind! Through meditation, you can learn to control not only your mind but also your body. …

Yoga for a better sleep-How to defeat insomnia with yoga

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Sleep problems -Defeat insomnia with yoga Insomnia is a sleep disorder related to the quality, duration and efficiency of your sleep. Because of our stressful daily life, unfortunately, this is a widespread phenomenon with always more people suffering from transient or chronic insomnia. Sleep problems are well known to be a more female problem as women are biologically more predisposed …

Mindfulness Meditation Benefits-Deal with stress

The benefits of mindfulness meditation

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation One of our biggest causes of stress is that we don’t live in the moment. We’re too busy worrying about either what has happened or what is going to happen that we’re never really in the present. Meetings coming up next week, arguments that happened months ago, sleep we didn’t get last night, dinner we …