A yoga lifestyle to improve self-confidence and self-esteem

Have you ever lost your self-esteem, you do not know what route to take because you do not believe in yourself or you do not feel safe? 

It happens to everyone sooner or later not to trust themselves, but the important thing is to face these moments properly, do not get down and take back their lives.


Sometimes the lack of trust arises for a short time, because of an unhappy experience that has happened to you. While others is an inner constant that comes from some limiting beliefs for example: “I’m not worth enough”, “I will not make it never “,” because I really “etc. These beliefs are often inserted into the unconscious as children. And we reproach ourselves in the same way that others have done with us. But now we have grown and it is time to let go of negative thoughts. To accept and cultivate self-esteem. Yoga, as a universal science, can also help you in this case and in this article we will explain how. You will discover what self-confidence is, because it is essential not to lose it. The causes of self-esteem, some yoga practices to believe in yourself again and much more.

Low self-esteem

Psychology, in general, asserts that the lack of self-esteem derives from a difference that develops between what one would like to be and what one really is. When there is much discrepancy between the two visions, one has low self-esteem and one’s own value. The causes of the lack of self-confidence must be sought, as we have already mentioned. In childhood and adolescence. In the way in which the emotions and relationships with others have been considered and managed. Psychology studies highlight some of the most common causes of low self-esteem are:

·     A complicated childhood.

·     Growing up with parents who, due to problems of addiction, depression or others, lead children to grow up too fast, at an age when they should still form their own personality.

·     Intransigent parents or teachers, who require children to perfection in all their activities, such as at school, in sports, etc. And that, despite the children, they will never be enough for them.

·     Family members who express feelings of anger and frustration towards the child, with insults, absurd rules, etc.

Lack of trust

However, whatever the cause of your lack of trust in you, it is useless now to give “faults” to parents or anyone who has played a role in this. Surely they did all this unconsciously and even with the best intentions.

But a healthy habit like yoga teaches us that the past cannot be changed and the future is unreal. Therefore, we can only act in the present and that is what really matters.

Moreover, from a more spiritual point of view, we know that each soul chooses the family in which to be born and grow because it is through the relationship with this that it discovers itself.

Increases awareness of yourself

A Yoga lifestyle in general increases awareness of yourself, putting you in touch with your true Self. The more you are in contact with the true Self, the more you flow into life and trust in yourself and in everything around you.

As explained in the previous paragraph, low self-esteem develops when what you would like to be is different from what you are in the present.

All this is caused by the imagination, which takes the upper hand and must therefore be fought.

Yoga allows you to live more and more the present moment, the here and now, and so all the ghosts of the mind, as in this case the imagination that causes poor trust. Slowly disappear to leave space only to what is real .

Moreover, the practice of asanas, thanks to the strengthening of willpower and the development of patience. Allows you to face your difficulties day by day and slowly overcome them. This with time gives rise to an incredible confidence in yourself, not only in practice but also in life.

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