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They say, “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” Everyone needs some time off from their busy routines to wind off and find their inner peace. For that, a yoga retreat is the ideal getaway plan. If you are interested in booking yourself one of the finest yoga retreats then keep on reading as we have hand-picked five best yoga retreats in the world for you.

Formentera Yoga:


If you are searching for mindfulness but don’t want to compromise on your glass of wine and dancing on your favorite songs. Then Formentera Yoga is the best option for you. The activity takes place at the Gecko Beach Club with the most talented yoga guru, Jax Lycysia. In the finest hotel, beside the gleaming pools and fresh breeze, you learn more yoga within a week than you can learn in a year.

Cal-A-Vie Health Spa:

cal-a-vie health spa for yoga
cal-a-vie health spa for yoga


For those of you who want a custom wellness plan according to your needs and desires then Cal-a-Vie is the right place for you. The Award-winning wellness spa offers 5:1 guest to staff ratio to ensure a quality result. The French Village inspired spa and retreat resort. Located in San Diego is sure to give you a rejuvenating emotional, mental, and physical experience.


Butterfly House:


butterfly house yoga retreats
butterfly house yoga retreats


Located in Brazil, Butterfly House is one of those wellness destinations like you see in the movies. White bed sheets, dry straw roofs, rolled towels, palm trees, and shampoos in a glass bottles give off a relaxing vibe. Within one week of this relaxing vacation, you will be able to learn how to stretch your body. Flush out toxins, and detox the muscles and internal organs to reveal a new you.

Destination Yoga:


If you are searching for group yoga retreats that are set according to the dates of your choice. Then look no further than Destination Yoga. In the stylish hotels, beach studios, domes and outdoor decks, expert yoga tutors transfer their passion of yoga to your heart.


Feathered Pipe Foundation:


feathered pipe foundation yoga retreats
feathered pipe foundation yoga retreats


If you are more of a countryside person than a beachside person then Feathered Pipe retreat center is heaven on earth for you. Located in Montana, Feathered pipe promotes internal healing and brings you closer to nature. The retreat includes yoga workshops, diet plan and relaxing rooms in wooden lodges.

These yoga retreats can bring out a whole new person in you to get you ready to have a fresh start.




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